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The ART of Engaging Holy Scripture – TAEHS

We have a unique form of studying the Bible at Saint Barnabas which uses a curriculum written by our Rector, Jim Clark. The informal name is ‘TAEHS’’ (rhymes with ‘days’); the full name is The ART of Engaging Holy Scripture. This is not a ‘usual’ Bible study. Rather, it is an opportunity for each person to read (we say ‘engage’) Bible readings in small portions, and, with commentary written by Rev. Jim, reflect on their readings in a small group environment. Small groups begin with the TAEHS starter curriculum – “The Method and the Metanarrative.” In this first of a three-part series, we study readings (and commentary by Rev. Jim) that begin an overview of our story beginning with the narratives of Adam and Eve. The following two studies engage readings of Jesus’ birth, ministry, and resurrection and portions of Paul’s writings to early Christians, completing the overview of ‘the metanarrative’ – our Christian story. Groups that continue then select between studies on the Gospels, Genesis, or studies of the Epistles.

TAEHS’ teaches a method of engaging the Scriptures through reading and study, conversational prayer and silent prayer, and group sharing. This dynamic method of studying the Scriptures gently leads us to experience the presence of the Holy Spirit. The experiential focus makes all the difference: we become awakened to the presence of the Holy Spirit in the Scriptures, in our own selves, and in our sisters and brothers. As our ability to experience the Spirit’s presence is refined, the method continues to nurture us in an ever-deepening relationship with the Holy Spirit. At the same time, we are learning the Bible and retaining what we learn. The small group context offers the opportunity for meaningful friendships to develop within our larger Christian faith community—and for having fun!

To learn more about being involved in a TAEHS small group and what you could expect, click here.

New TAEHS small groups begin when several people are interested, usually in the fall of each year. For more information about joining a TAEHS small group, The ART of Engaging Holy Scripture, or opportunities to become a TAEHS facilitator, please contact Ann Hott.



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